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Whatever stage of build you are currently at you will at some point need to have an air tightness pressure test carried out on the building. This is required to meet part L1a of the Building Regulations and needs to undertaken by a BINDT registered tester. We operate nationwide so feel free to contact us for a price and more information.

The test itself requires the building to be sealed and then using the equipment and computer software it tests on the 'leakage' of air. If the results show that the dwelling is within the neccessary range then we can issue you with a certificate to present to Building Regulations.

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Why is this test important?

The air tightness testing of a Stafford building is measured by conducting a pressure test. The result is normally expressed as an ‘air permeability’ value. The air permeability value represents the amount of uncontrolled air leakage which is present because of flaws produced during the construction/building process, namely gaps and cracks in the buildings fabric, especially around service pipes and where building elements join.

These air leakage test Stafford pathways can cause cold draughts within the dwelling, which result in occupant discomfort. The other main factors is it also results in heat loss, as the warm air escapes through the gaps in the building fabric. Any warm air which passes through the building fabric can also cause condensation problems if it encounters a cold element before reaching the outside. 2nd January 2012.

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